Professional customization of weathering steel plate with high quality and low price

Professional customization of weathering steel plate with high quality and low price

Weathering steel plate is a kind of high alloy steel between ordinary carbon steel and stainless steel plate. The element composition of aluminum alloy in weathering plate is not high, but the characteristics are very good. The weather resistant steel plate is widely used in railway lines, garden landscapes, highway bridges and other sites.

In the early stage of corrosion, the surface of weathering steel plate will produce a higher density of rust layer than ordinary carbon steel, and the corrosion cracks and holes of weathering steel plate are relatively less. There is no difference between partial layering and etching materials of carbon steel and weathering plate, but their key difference is the effect of aluminum alloy elements in the rust layer. Copper and nickel iron alloy elements are deposited in the rust layer of the weathering plate. The deposited elements can accumulate in the cracks of the weathering plate, which can resist the invasion of water in the air and harmful positive ions, and avoid further erosion of the weathering plate.

After the corrosion of the surface layer of weathering steel plate, the corrosion of the surface layer must be stabilized in a certain way. That is to say, the rust discharged from the steel must be restrained in the early stage to stabilize the weather plate, which is similar to the general coating in appearance, but the general coating is to restrain the rust by blocking the external gas and steel, while the stable rust is to promote the stability of the rust. The effect is very different. If the painting is moldy after painting, it will lead to molting and rust. In order to maintain good appearance, it is necessary to paint again. The solution to rust and anti-aging is to slowly melt the film, so that the rust transformed into anti-aging will slowly rise to the whole, and the steel surface will be covered with a film without maintenance. This type of steel is called weathering plate. It is a new type of high-quality and easy to use steel developed and designed by this kind of steel, with a small amount of nutrients, which makes this kind of steel frame structure more durable. In addition, the embroidery pattern on the surface layer has maintenance effect on the weathering plate itself, further improving its corrosion resistance, which is better than the ordinary exposed weathering steel plate.